Thank you for considering donating!

Donating items

We always need good quality bedding, clothing and household items as well as certain items of furniture. If you have goods that you would like to donate to us please get in touch on [email protected] to arrange a suitable date and time to drop them off.

***Follow our Facebook page for the latest information on items we need. Items we’re on the lookout for at the moment include a drill, TVs and a blender.***


Items we are always looking for:

  • Men’s clothing – small, medium and large sizes (not XL or XXL), belts, trousers and shirts.
  • Women’s clothing – especially coats but only up to size 16 please.
  • Teenage boys and girls clothing – sweatshirts and jeans are in short supply
  • Good quality flat shoes in all sizes – men’s, women’s and children. 
  • Blankets – the old fashioned thick sort please.
  • Bedding – duvets and cover sets 
  • Kitchen items – cutlery sets, large casserole pans and frying pans
  • Cleaning supplies – mop and buckets etc.

Please note: occasionally we cannot use donations as they are inappropriate (e.g. too large, personal items which are already used) or poor quality. We do not accept bric-a-brac and prefer to focus on essential items.

Please only donate good quality items you would still be happy to have in your own home. They do not have to be new but please no visible damage, stains or extreme wear and tear. We can fix the odd broken drawer etc. but we are only a small charity and so every time we have to stop and clean or fix something means less time helping our families directly.

Financial donations

We cannot provide the essential services our asylum seekers and refugees need without financial donations. We are so grateful for all the support we receive and thank everyone for their contributions – however big or small they are. 

To make a financial donation to New Neighbours Together simply visit our page on the fundraising website Localgiving. Thank you!