Love is in the air

Valentine's day drop-in session

Valentine’s day was the perfect excuse to show our clients and volunteers a bit of love at an extra special drop-in session for all the family. A big thank you to Su Ryan, children’s lead, for organising this fun, creative event.  

On 15 February we were thrilled to welcome around 80 people to St John’s church hall – including 50 children. Seeing the hall buzzing with activity again felt fantastic – and here’s what was on offer:

  • Toddlers’ corner – Parisa and Margaret supervised activities for our youngest guests including a love themed photo booth, role play in the kitchen café, the Brio train set and colouring and sticking at the craft table.
  • Face painting – nearly 40 faces painted by our fantastic Leila!
  • Happy heart craft table – our resident artist Su helped the children create beautiful hearts to show their love for their parents.
  • Heart biscuit and cupcake capers – who doesn’t love to decorate sweet treats? Thanks to Ruth and Kristen for supporting our master bakers.
  • Tiny tasty tray gardens – Ruth Calder from Pennine Community Farm came along to help the children create mini indoor gardens using everything from cress seeds and gravel to plasticine figures
  • Target game – a chance to win lots of prizes, with Helen given the tough job of keeping the scores and handing out the prizes.

“What a fun-filled Valentine’s celebration for everyone. The children were kept busy and happy, a red rose for every lady and the chance to all be together again and catch up with friends. Lots of laughter, loads of smiles, another wonderful NNT day – a huge thank you to Su and our absolutely amazing team of volunteers.”

Ruth Haygarth, chair of the board of trustees

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