Health information

The health system in England

In the UK we are very proud of our NHS – the National Health Service. You can find useful information about the NHS in many languages here:

Health information in other languages.

There are also some useful videos in Arabic on You Tube here:

مقدمة حول خدمة الصحة الوطنية في انجلترا Introduction to the Health System in England.

Registering with a GP (doctor)

If you need help to register with a doctor (or GP = General Practitioner) please ask us. Each doctor’s surgery has slightly different ways of applying and we can help.

Contact us on 07907 375284 to make an appointment and we can help you fill out the forms, either online or on paper.

Exercise and sport: physical and mental wellbeing

Burnley Together provide sessions and links with groups which can help your health improve:

 Guided walks for everyone
Donated items of sports kit can be requested
Gardening therapy
Our work takes place in a variety of outdoor settings which include: community gardens, woodlands, working farms and public parks
e.g. At Barden Athletics Track, there is a free drop-in session on Thursdays from 10-11:30am